Friday, September 28, 2007

Segregated Internet

On the CBC's most recent Search Engine show, an interesting concept about the Afrosphere, the African-American blogosphere. What is fascinating about the concept is that it almost feels like discovering a completely new world. Things happening in the Afrosphere seem not to garner attention from mainstream media in North America unless there is a widespread momentum (in this case, demonstrations for the Jena 6). Brought to Africa, this same phenomenon becomes even more sharply delineated. What happens in Africa is rarely discussed outside of the continent. Even online, we live in different realities and it's important to look further than our common experience.


Bronze Trinity said...

It really is like living in another world for me. There are not many Black people where I live but when I read Black blogs I feel like I am not alone. Its like seeing the world through a filter. I made a newsreader for people to learn about Afrosphere blogging and news at and I can read about things for hours that I can't find anywhere else.

Alexandre said...

Thanks for the link! Looks quite useful.
Let's hope the Afrosphere will receive more mainstream attention.

Yousun said...

Thanks for sharing this
information. ^^