Tuesday, September 11, 2007

mareshal dj

Video clips sent by a friend spending time in West Africa.

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sour_lips said...

the videos and pictures were nice to view in this entry. But i was disturbed by the video with the torture of a chicken. I only wish i could understand the lyrics to the song, because to me it seemed as though the artists were trying to make fun of an African culture, or Africa as a whole. They were jumping and shaking as though they were in a trance and one man was using a chicken as though it was his sacrifice, but he basically killed the poor thing by the end and was pretending to "do it" with the chicken. I also couldn't help but notice that they were wearing what looked like to be mens bathing suits or underwear and portraying it as traditional clothing. I just wonder if this has to do with the Americanization of Africa, are these people trying to say that their people's traditions are ridiculous and out of date, because thats what it seemed like to me.