Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Video clips sent by a friend spending time in West Africa.


sour_lips said...

i enjoyed the music and the videos, but i couldn't help but notice the overwhelming influence from the west. it seems as though they are trying to copy American hip hop culture. Such as the cars, girls, clothing, flaunting money, cell phones and booze. It's as though they are trying to mimic the American good life. Obviously most African's would not be able to afford these types of possessions or luxuries. It's kind of unfortunate that American culture has had such a strong influence in the African music scene. I just wonder if the general population of Africa thinks this is actually what they should strive for, because i personally don't think that getting drunk and piling into a car is a very good image.

Alexandre said...

Interesting perspective. Of course, it's important to distinguish representation from what people actually do and what people might want. But those are important points.